Zoom Par Light

What are the contrast advantages of the focusing Zoom Par Light and the traditional Led Par Light?

At present, there are many kinds of Led Par Light in the market, especially when we referred to the Zoom Par Light,

which is characterized by a change in the traditional led par light can only be a specific definition of the beam angle.

As we all know that led par light is generally can use to 25 degrees and 45 degrees, but when the stage needs to use

a little more than 120 degrees that there is a big limitation for the traditional led par light.

Zoom Par Light: Its advantages compare with Led Par Light

For example, now your par degree is 25 on the stage, then you have no way to

turn the lighting area of the light again become smaller stage application.

The time cannot be arbitrary but the zoom is not the same as the light he can change between 8 degrees – 120 degrees.

You can adjust according to the stage can say to set in a different sense of the lamp and the brightness is also very good Division.

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Zoom Par

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