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Points for attention when buying LED par light

Points for attention when buying LED par light:

LED par light has been applied in the stage lighting industry for many years. Now I would like to share the points for attention with you when buying LED par light. XuanFeng professional LED par light manufacture.XuanFeng professional LED par light manufacture


The first step is the LED beads. There are different brands and models selection for led beads. The big difference between the color mixing and lifetime among them. Poor color mixing effect, fast Lumen depreciation, the service life is short, but the price may be cheap. Besides, LED beads power also needed to pay attention to. There are many kinds of LED beads power. For example, the same 54pcs LED par light, there are up to seven or eight kinds of power optional for LED beads.

The second one is the power. The average people can not test the power and mainly depend on observation. Like, look at the size of the power supply specifications, the power tagged can also be a reference. A cheap power certainly cuts down a lot of material. Power supply power must be greater than the actual power, so as to ensure the stability of the use of LED stage lights.

XuanFeng professional LED par light manufacture

The third point is the color mixing effect. If the shooting and photographic requirement are high, the dimming effect should also need to take into consideration. The dimming should be smooth. For general requirements, can ignore this point.

The fourth point is the brightness, which I think can be a supplementary reference. Do not pursue high brightness, because the LED brightness is adjustable. If intentionally increase the brightness, like the actual cannot be used as 3W, but transferred to 3W brightness. This practice will affect the service life, although we can not see in a short period of time. So the stability first, chooses the suitable fixtures with their own requirements.



The fifth one is the invisible problem. We need time to verify the quality and service life for LED stage lights. So the LED beads and power, as well as heat dissipation are not visible in short time.

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