New trend of wedding light
Lighting Art

How much Wedding celebration theme light art you know?

 Wedding celebration theme light art design


Key Points:

Wedding celebration theme light art

Illumination: red carpet 200Lux around

Color temperature: 3200K

CRI(color rendering index): 85 above

Energy conservation and environment protection

Boisterous and Joyous lighting effect

Highlight the bridegroom and the bride

Photograph without pastiness

Video without flicker

Camera without shadow



Guangzhou XuanFeng Lighting Co., Ltd is wedding lighting integral solution expert.

Because of:
  1. Professional design: We have mature design philosophy and design strength.
  2. The products of absolute advantage: We have products different from other suppliers.
  3. Integral solution ability: We devote ourselves to the wedding theme hotel lighting and the overall solution.
  4. Scheme ability: We understand wedding scheme, etiquette, and we also more understand the light application.
  5. Integrated service: We provide products, design, application, and tracking service, across the whole wedding.


XuanFeng Provides:

On the one hand, Strategic positioning: Determine the theme of wedding lighting style according to the local customs.

Besides, Lighting design: Site survey, lighting position design, inventory configuration, 3D light animation, deepening the construction design.

Further more, Instruction of guidance: Coordinate the decoration company embedded line, reserve the lighting, preset safety lights link, to determine the demand for electricity.

More over, Installation and commissioning: Lighting online, commissioning, safety testing, simulation trial, and so on.

In addition, Lighting art programming: Good lighting also needs good programming, combined with music, video editing in line with the theme of the lighting effects.

Last but not least, After-sales service : Professional technical service department, in addition, use training, maintenance and repair services.

New trend of wedding light:


Guangzhou XuanFeng Lighting Co., Ltd is a Modern Enterprise.

Engaged with lighting R&D, Manufacture, Sales and Service located in BaiYun District, GuangZhou city,

with a manufacturing base more than 2000 m².


We produce LED Par Light, LED Waterproof Light, Profile Light, Follow Spot, Motor-show Light,  Studio Light and so on.

They were widely used in Auditorium, Television Stations, Discos, Bars, and also Theaters and other places of entertainment and video.

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