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Wedding celebration Process and Marriage Lighting Decoration

Wedding celebration Process and Marriage Lighting Decoration

Wedding celebration Process and Wedding Lighting Art

LED moving head stage lighting

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Greet guests:

Moving head light with soft rock at tables; Flowing beam light at the greeting arriving.

Guests sign in:

Well-illuminated the lighting in a contrast to the whole at the sign-desk; Warm-toned.

Group photo accept as a souvenir:

Standard 3200K color temperature warm white light as the ceiling spotlight; All kinds of entertainment effect lights (including special effect light) assist the light.

Warm up the atmosphere before opening:

Close the main light in the hall, start the music, two follow spot light strobe moving among the guests, the color intrigue classical lights fluctuate singularity. Rouse the auditory sense and visual sense of all the guests, to tell them with sense organ impact: The wedding today would be out of ordinary, attractive, and deserve for expectation.

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wedding stage lighting design


After the cheerful and bouncing music, ring out the romantic composition, stop lights strobe. Turn on the follow spot to one corner on the stage, and then the compere come to the corner of the stage, making a short representation of the bridegroom and bride’s romantic love story. If the condition allowed, it is suggested to perform a wedding light show, lead the bridegroom and the bride to the stage by the words of compere.

The bridegroom and bride come to the stage:

The small angels come from the fairy tale, the follow spot shine on them in a sudden. They wave their wings and come to the side of the bridegroom and the bride respectively, handing them to the happiness gate, and cross in the red carpet.

Wearing brooch ceremony:

The bridegroom kneel with one leg, consecrate the flower to the bride. Then the bride chose the most delicate and charming one, adorn it to the bridegroom’s colpus. When the fireworks display flutter all over the sky, the bridegroom hands with the bride, attending to the life stage together with the little angels.

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Prolight wedding lighting show

Newly-married confession:

The new couples come the the jubilant desk. At this moment, change the colorful background to holy and pure white. The new couples hands face to face, and start their sincere confession in the relieve background music as well as the romantic nebulous atmosphere created by the bubble machine and aerosol sprayer. The person performing the marriage, the marriage witness, and the special guest, make their speech respectively.

Giff-gaff wedding ring:

The holy music start in the church, and meanwhile the background turn to red hot. At this moment, the bridegroom open the ring box, meanwhile however, the snow fell on the sky, and the aesthetic scene that could only happened in the fairy story appear. Immediately following, the bridegroom pull up the bride’s hand, put the ring on her finger. This romantic, warm scene eventually eternal sublimation in the splendid fireworks and the new couple’s kiss.


The new couple take the glass cup from the little angels, the two cups, respectively, are two small goldfishes cheerfully swimming, the new couple face the crystal clear wishing well and promise they would be faithful the whole life long. Then they put their wishing into the flowers floating water together. From now on, they get along swimmingly with each other and never separate. The sparkling pool water reflection, is the new couple happy smile, singing the whole wedding theme: forever love.

Pink wedding dream marriage design

Pink wedding dream marriage design

Pour cup tower:

The new couple co-open happiness and sweet source in the romantic melody, the love of spring in the cup tower slowly flowing. At this point, the background color also follow the music slowly changing, while the follow spot chasing the light to the crystal cup tower. Then, they enjoy the happiness, sweet love wine, hand in cup and drink in everyone’s applause blessing.

Bouquet toss ceremony:

The story of holding flowers tells the implication. The new couple throw bouquet to the scene guests, active the atmosphere, mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm, and also pass the happiness to others at the mean time.

Marriage become:
splendid stage lighting design

Marriage stage lighting decoration

Brilliant fireworks again, at this time, the host announced the marriage become.

Entertaining the guests to the dinner:

Stage LED screen begin to play the wedding theme video, between the moving head light slow shake, beam light leisurely strafe, change the color and prism plate from time to time, the colored LED keep the diet warm light unchanged.

Dinner finish:

The background music <Unforgettable Tonight> ring out, the colorful lighting slowly rock, and enhance the illumination brightness of the background.

Say goodbye to the guests:

The whole lighting enhance to the highest brightness.

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