LED Stage Light

Top Light: One kind indispensable stage light you should not overlook!

Top Light

One kind indispensable stage light you should not overlook!

Stage classification: the stage and the audience seat frame and open type

One frame type: this stage has a stage frame, the basic feature is the stage for the sector,

the performance venues (stage) and the audience divides into two different areas;
Second, the open stage: this stage without the stage box, the stage and the audience with a room in a space.

According to the stage and the audience of the distribution of different forms, divided into center, extended, terminal, multi-functional;

Top Light

Today we will talk some about top light on the stage.

Top Light, most of it uses Spotlight
In the back of the roof of the spotlight, generally,  it installs in the lifting of the suspension bridge

can also install on the boom, the main projection in the rear of the performance area,

from the Taiwan mouth eaves curtain order back to install: a light, two Top light, three light, four light;
Projected in the rear of the performance area, with a fixture installed in the tube, in the required location,

can also be hanging on the boom (such as tracking mechanism), mainly for the need for strong lighting

from the top of the occasion. Can be respectively from the front, the upper and rear projection,

according to different time requirements, determine the direction, light beam, aperture.

Top Light
The top row of light, the second light back up the top light in Theatre

Stage of the upper row of lights, installed on each side of the leaves behind the boom,

the formation of a row of bar lights, a row of light, two rows of light, three rows of light and so on.
To the entire stage to uniform lighting, for the performance area or scenery, in order to make the lighting evenly arranged,

and the top light should be maintained at a certain distance. This is an indispensable stage light, meetings, reports, performances are needed,

the general theater installed 3-4 rows, the especially deep stage can increase 1-2 rows.

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