Multi-function Conference Room Lighting

Thr-Color Softlight: The most important part at the Multi-function Conference Room!

Thr-Color Softlight

High strength aluminum alloy lighting structure. Excellent safety performance, and durable.

All made by the good quality material, with high rate reflection mirror and even lights.

The fixture extensively uses in Stages, Film, Multi-function Meeting Rooms, Studios, Auditoriums.

Thr-Color SoftlightThr-Color Softlight

The Conference Room Lights

The Conference room lighting is generally used for the light design of conference rooms such as small and

medium-sized conference rooms, multimedia conference rooms, video conference rooms.

Before the meeting room when the major was recorded TV programs are widely used,

but with the development of science and technology, enterprise, etc.

In order to promote the enterprise or campus image will be used to the conference room, in order to ensure

that recording the clear picture, conference room lighting will play a decisive role.

Thr-Color SoftlightThr-Color Softlight

Lighting Classification

The small meeting room can divide into the meeting type and the board type, which can accommodate 10 to 50 people.

Medium-sized conference room according to utility cent can be divided into U,

back to the model, the theatre, desks, at the table, T,

the number of ranging from 50-1000 people, classification to do adjustment according to the hardware conditions,

there is often the site is can pose different type, known as multi-function hall.

Large conference rooms can also divide into auditorium type and congressional style, ranging from 400-3000.

Conference rooms vary in size, so there are big differences in meeting rooms.

Thr-Color Softlight: Installation position requirements

It general installation in our board meeting room, want to install on our plate L framework,

lamp install in L framework to the corner, make the light does not map directly to objects and preparations,

and rely on our slabs light reflection, scattering light assembly room in addition to

the above two points, in order to achieve a better effect, also note A)

to prevent direct sunlight to the object, background, lens, which leads to the strong contrast of dazzling light environment B)

help lights, weak when recommended but want to use help lights stop direct C),

recommend the use of solar lantern lights banned, frequent stop using light D)

stop at the top or out of the window to the top light, side light direct mapping, this mapping will directly cause the shadow E)

recommend the use of indirect light source or from the flat wall reflected more downy light.

Here below recommend you two kind of THREE BASIC COLOR WASH LIGHT at Guangzhou XuanFeng Lighting

Thr-Color Softlight-4*55W Thr-Color Softlight-2*55W

CP063/CP062 4×55W/55W x 2 Thr-Color Softlight/THREE BASIC COLOR WASH LIGHT

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz-60Hz

Power consumption: 220W/110W

Lamp type: 55W x 4(without lamp)/55W x 2(without lamp)

Color temperature: 3200K/5600K

Dimension size: 630x 285 x 110 mm

Packing size:700×365×200mm (Color carton)


N.W: 5.3kg           G.W: 6.3kg

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