Studio Lighting

How do you know about Studio lights: They are roughly divide into film lighting and television lighting…

Studio lights roughly divide into film lighting and television lighting.

Studio lights
Stage lights can help the audience directly see all the scenes or some scenes on stage so that the scene on stage looks lifelike,

to better show the creative intent of the dramatist and the artistic level of the works, light, and shade of a wide range of changes,

lighting the area is also large.

In addition to artistic functions, lighting has the effect of properly exposing the tube or film In particular,

for color reproduction, the color temperature of the light is required to be 3200K and the color rendering index of 90 or

more in the light (shot internal view), and 5500K and 80 or more in the daylight (shot outdoor).

Studio lights can be according to the characteristics of its outgoing beam divide into spotlights, astigmatism and effect lights 3 categories.

It uses only one reflector and equips with a color filter holder and show a variety of still scenes and activities such as rain, snow, flame, clouds, waves, lightning, the sun rises,

you can also use the dynamic shadow as a background to show a variety of landscapes, mines, and other changes.

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