Just do these before Stage setting!

Just do these before Stage setting!

Firstly, how many you know about Stage Lighting and Stage setting?

Stage setting based on the Stage Lighting Equipment, Stage Lighting equipment mainly used for creating and strengthening the atmosphere of the scene, just like an evening party, celebration, launch event, wine party etc.
And almost all of the event planning can’t be done without the stage lighting. Stage lighting for us is familiar and unfamiliar, so what are the stage lightings that a party involves?

In order to avoid mistaking something at the most important moment, you should know these before Stage setting.

1. Spot Light

The spotlight use on the stage meant the front of the light used by flat convex condenser, this kind of light can adjust the spot size,
the beam showing is more focus on and the side diffuse light is smaller,
its power consumption has many kinds 2KW to 4KW, The focal length has long, medium and short as optional.

2. Reflector Spotlight

This kind of light has no lens in the front, the light is emitted completely by the larger reflection in the back, use the same 2KW lamp source, its brightness is more bright than spotlight,
Its effect is better than others, especially for its powerful beam, but has to pay more attention to its focus point when dimming,
it’s not appropriate to focus the focus on the color paper or curtain, which can easily cause combustion;
Besides, the center often appears black in the center of the dimming, in order to avoid black heart, in the center of the lamp front add a ring of the baffle,
the light spot that it shoots is big and not easy to gather.

3. Profile light

Its beam angle has many kinds so that it has chosen to use accordingly to your requirement.
Its main feature is it can cut the light into the square, diamond shape, triangle, etc. Like magic lantern, or shoot all kinds of the pattern as what you need.
Its power consumption also has 1KW,2KW etc for you choosing the configuration.

4. Downlight

Its construction is to press a mirror bulb inside the cylinder also has used the parabolic reflector to install bromine tungsten bubble.
Its main feature is to shoot fixed beam, beam angel has various kinds, wide and narrow, spot size can not adjust.

5. Cyclorama Light

Up Cyclorama Light: High-power diffused light, used for irradiating the backdrop from up to down, it requires light and balance, and the area is large;
Low Cyclorama Light: High-power diffused light, used for putting on the stage, the lower part of the canopy is illuminated by the light from the sky, which is evenly distributed.

6. Floodlight

The long strips are divided into three or four colors, the power of the incandescent bulb is around 200W, requiring various colors to be uniform, to make extensive exposure to the curtain cloth or curtain,
It can also be used as a large, balanced spread, all colors can be used at the same time to create a different colorful beam.

7. Small Beam Light

Small light beam, small and flexible housing, to create amazing effect has to a lot of this kind of light.
It’s the best lighting to create a wonderful atmosphere for the Stage setting, especially for song and dance show.

Stage setting

Stage setting


The led light bar is to install on the outside of the stage. It can make up for the bluff, actors accordingly remove shadows from the nose. Also can enhance the cast of art, make up for the lack of light actors accordingly to the plot’s need. Also can enhance the cast of art, make up for the lack of light actors accordingly to the plot’s and Stage setting need.

9.Moving head beam Light

It can accurate positioning, to create a lot of small beams of light, highlight the spot effect.

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