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Stage Lights_

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Stage Lights_

Here below we will talk something about the Stage Atmosphere Rendering Effect by Lighting Design.

1. To create a typical environment.

Stage lighting can create a different typical environment, through a variety of artistic means and technical means.

2. To express emotions and feelings.

Stage lights can express different emotions and feelings through the changes in lights’ color. Dark color lights are a symbol of darkness, depression, tension, terror and other emotions and feelings. Blue lights express peace, quiet and other emotions and feelings. Green lights stand for youth, hope and other emotional emotions … … and so on and so forth, too numerous to mention.

3. To connect the drama structure.

Stage lighting can sometimes be the same as the “montage” in the art of cinema.

For example, by using “light cut”, “dark turn” and other lighting means. You can put the different scenes of the clever combination of drama. So that the dramatic performance of the drama, fast and easy conversion.

Another example is using different “chasing light”. You can create the same stage on the different performance areas, play “off-site”, “at the same time” artistic effect.

4. To shape the characters.

Stage lighting with all the stage art of the same elements is to shape the image of the characters as the highest purpose.

Such as pink light hit the characters in the face, it is refreshed, extraordinary spirit. The gray light hit the characters in the face, it is sick and weak, decadent sluggish. Blue-gray lights hit the characters face, but also insidious cunning, vicious.

The most common light is the example of shaping the service of the characters. It is the most popular character’s “big chasing light”. The term “drama” or “chasing light” or “chasing light”. The film’s “big close-up” and sculpture in general, play a prominent artistic role.

5. To direct production scenery

In the past, stage lights served for the stage setting. That is, the light shines on the scenery, the scenery adds luster.

Now, due to the emergence of high-tech equipment such as computer lights, laser lights, the stage lighting can use these high-tech equipment directly produced scenery.

In summary, we from the five aspects of the stage lights to explore the strange effect, and master these five strange effects. Stage lights_ designers can be able to manage a variety of stage lights_ to make the stage lighting put on the real wings, fly freely in the stage world, to create the stage art and stage art of glory and miracle.

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