Stage Lighting test: Do you know how to test your lighting equipment with a controller?

A professional controller is very important, it plays the role as the hands of the human being. It widely use in large and medium-sized entertainment occasions such as Bar, Disc club, Show bar,

It widely uses in large and medium-sized entertainment occasions such as Bar, Disc club, Show bar, auditorium, multi-purpose hall, banquet hall and others small or medium-sized performing places.

Stage Lighting test

So do you know how to control and test your stage lighting?

There are many kinds of Stage Lighting, such as Effect Light, Spot Light, Moving Head Light,

each light has the different effect, so test way is different.

General Audio Engineering lighting system debugging, due to the performance requirements of the professional performance of the venue is not strict,
so the debugging involved in the technical indicators are few, relatively speaking, the lighting system debugging is not complicated.

However, there are also technical requirements higher than the traditional stage lighting technology.

Next, let’s explain how the stage lighting equipment debugging problems.

First, you should check the equipment of each stage lighting equipment alone, the stage lighting equipment in all the internal control system
and mechanical parts is very sophisticated, the power consumption of light, the protection of measures can be considered more perfect.

So if the internal control components or bulb damage due to transportation or installation, and in the complex lighting system

to confirm the failure of the stage lighting equipment, the cause of the trouble is too much trouble.

So as far as possible in the system, before the installation or installation to check the status of each device separately,

so do both check the lights and check the purpose of the console.

All kinds of lights should be debugging separately, then a combination of fine tuning.

Anyway, Controller, Auto, and Master/Slave are the three main ways at present.

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