Led Stage Spotlight

What kind of stage light should be used for a medium-sized stage?

Stage light has many kinds as below:

stage light

Face light: the whole use of a remote or medium-range quartz bubble in the face of the face, face light, top surface light;

Backlighting: all-electric lamp, or full film return light with a color switch;

Sidelight cage: all-electric lamp, or full film return light with the color switch;

You can use imaging lamp, backlight, spotlight etc as face light effect on the stage.

Face light can form imaging light if it is all in the synagogue, a PC can add a light spotlight,

a slap in the face of course with PC spotlights with imaging lights,

partly imaging, PC partly PC, thread 2 Three partly thread Four partly PAR lamp,

can make the effect about five top are day hanging cage with PC,

thread if the condition allows, cold light lamp on top light (not the trichromatic lamp,

because the top light more than 8 meters high, three colors can’t use)

It suggests using the imaging lamp to make the surface light so that the surface light can be cut cleanly,

can be installed back to the light, the performance can be used to fill the light.

Different places use different stage light equipment!

The light is mainly to see your stage size is empty.

Such as the light to the layout of the words you first have to calculate the distance to the stage in the choice of the corresponding light!

If the distance is about 5 meters I recommend using the imaging lamp mainly because of the imaging light out of the light uniform and very soft.

Then the effect of light and downlight much stronger so that I suggest using the imaging lamp for the host!

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