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How to get stage led par light skills?

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LED PAR LIGHT compares with the traditional par light, the former has a more rich color effect, the effect of mixed color is rich,

the effect of color mixing of trichromatic led up to 16.7 million types.

The kinds of LED PAR LIGHT

The first kind classification of style is according to the purpose of the LED is divided into two types,

that is, commercial lighting and stage lighting. These two types are mainly used for lighting effect.

Therein, commercial lighting also called Spotlight, this kind of lighting mainly based on the larger power, commonly used led color is more solo, and smaller.

Generally used in shopping malls, hotels, guest houses and other places.


And the kind of stage lighting can change the colors and power of the LEDs accordingly to the stage needs.

This kind of LEDs generally have a variety of colors such as Red, Green, Blue light etc, and used to stage performances, wedding, exhibition, conference, etc.

The second kind classification of style is according to the appearance of the lighting, here we say the appearance mainly refers to the light shell material.

Generally have All aluminum shell, Cast aluminum shell and waterproof case these three styles.

The third kind classification of style is according to the power, and generally, have 24W、36W、54W、108W、162W etc.

There are many kinds of LED STAGE LIGHTING, white light play out and made up of all three RGB color bright;

RG is Yellow, RB is Purple, GB is dark blue, RGB is white.

stage led par light skills to get!

Stage lighting has experienced several generations of development, led become low voltage low power consumption LED lights.

For example, a brief introduction stage lighting control principle and simple production of 54X3W LED PAR LIGHT.

LED PAR LIGHT have 4 LED colors totally, Red, Blue, Green, White, respectively.

The superposition rule of light is Red+Green=Yellow;

Green+Blue=Cyan; Red+Blue=Magenta; Red+Green+Blue=White;

stage led par light

So without considering the premise of all kinds of LED brightness, that is the combination of LED

the light total can emit red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, blue, white, 7 kinds of color of light.

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