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The Stage Application of various Stage Lighting Fixtures

The Stage Application of various Stage Lighting Fixtures


The spotlight use on the stage means the light use a flat convex condenser.

This kind of light can adjust the spot size, the beam output is more concentrate, next to the diffuse light is relatively small,

power 0.5W to 5KW Variety, the focal length can be long, medium and short, depending on the horizontal distance from the need to select.

Rib lights

Or soft light, but in the television industry say this light as a spotlight.

In order to distinguish the above-mention flat convex spotlight, it scatters and softer, so the use diffuse area is large,

sometimes in order to control the diffuse light in front of the mirror, usually add barn doors to cover.

Its obvious characteristic is a large area of light output area, and short projection distance, power 1KW,

2KW and so on, distinguish from the spotlight that has a clear light spot.

Stage Application is something about the kind of occasions in various ways when using stage lighting fixtures.

Stage Application


This light is no front lens, the light output is complete the rear of the larger mirror injection.

With the same 2KW bulb, the brightness is higher than the spotlight, so it applies on the stage to show a strong light source and brightness.

Its effect is better than other lights, characterized by a strong beam. But should pay attention to focus when dimming,

it is not appropriate to focus on the color paper or curtains because it is easy to cause burning.

Also, there is often appear black heart in the dimming center. In order to avoid the black heart,

add a ring shape barn door in front of the center of the light, the projection of the spot is not easy to close up.

Now a new kind of light that coating in the reflective bowl to make the line backward transmission appear,

to reduce light front temperature, very good use results, names as the cold light super spotlight,

the actual structure of this light is same as a backlight.

Profile lights

Or forming lights, ellipsoid spotlights. The beam angle can be selected according to the needs of a variety of applications,

the main features are like slides can be cut into the square, diamond, triangle and other shapes,

or cast a variety of patterns requires for the pattern, power also 1KW, 2KW optional configuration.


Also known as PAR light, or beam light, its structure installs in the cylinder with a mirror bulb or bromine tungsten bubble,

the main feature is the projection beam fixes, variety beam angle, spot size cannot be adjusted.

Up Cyclorama light

High-power astigmatism light uses to illuminate the curtain from the top down, require the light output is bright and balanced,

the large area of projection.

Low  Cyclorama light

High power Floodlight, using to put on the stage, the under part of the curtain light up,

connect well with up horizon light, up and down evenly.

Scattered bar light

Long strip, dividing into multi-grid, generally can divide into three or four colors,

each grid with incandescent bulb power in 200W or so, requiring a variety of colors to connect well.

Used as a large area of the curtain or screen, can also use as a large area of balance light,

a variety of colors can also be used at the same time, light out the different color beam.

General astigmatism light

Such as iodine tungsten light and ordinary floodlights, mainly to lightly illuminate a region or some use of the scenery.

More detail about Stage Application in our life welcomes to follow us.

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