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Side light: How to use it to fill-in the light in an easy way on the stage?

Side light: How to use it to fill-in the light in an easy way on the stage?

Side light
In the theater upstairs, the two corners of the audience installed by the lighting,

light from both sides to the stage before the performance area,
as the face of light with the same light.

It device on both sides of the bridge on the stage, the light on both sides of the oblique direction projected onto the stage,

it from low to high order called a bridge side light, two flyover side light, three flyover side light and so on.
Usually designed as a side of the way the light cage, according to the depth of the stage and

the size of the play up and down about the left and right to move, together with the lamp device and debugging.

The projection axis and the stage are 30 to 45 °.

The side of the role of light from the side of the stage to form a sense of the direction of the light source can be used as

illuminating the face of the artist’s assistant lighting and can strengthen the scenery level,

the character and the stage space for the appearance of contrast.

Side light: Show its best functions on the stage!

It is the appearance of the scene in the light, is the invention of three-dimensional role of the useful light,

whether it is three-dimensional King, the semi-three-dimensional view is still decoration King,

in the side, light projection will strengthen the visual,
It is still depicting the moment of light, such as the sun and the moon is reflected

in the moment is not a short space light.

The direction of the side light and the target from the audience’s point of view to form a 90 ° angle,

this light can play the appearance of the layout of the outstanding object.

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