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Profile Light: Your stage will be not perfect without it!

Profile Light: Your stage will be not perfect without it!

The use of high efficiency and energy saving HPL575 or 750W halogen bulb;

Light bulb position through the three points to complete the adjustment, the use of high efficiency and energy saving, High precision;

The use of high-purity aspheric glass lens, with aluminum cup or cooling film glass reflective bowl, spot uniform, generally used for the stage objects,

characters for close-up lighting use! Stage imaging lamp with the latest shape design, aluminum alloy shell, light weight, easy to install.

The new optical system, multi-mirror through the infrared light cup so that the heat from the back of the bulb,

so that the temperature of the visible light to a minimum, the unique design of the optical path so that the light uniformity,

high brightness, imaging clear, built-in four shade Can be easily cut out of a variety of different shapes.

Profile Light

Lamp type:HPL 750/575W(with cooling holder)

Color temperature:3200K/5600K

Beam angle: 19°/26°/36°/50°

Cover: Cast Aluminum in Black or White

Profile Light lens degree options


precise optic system; high efficient optic lens; high performance of HPL 750/575W lamp has brightness same

as 1200W light,80%brightness advanced,50% power saved;infrared-ray transmitting reflector,biconvex lens,with high

efficient light, even faculae, beam, low temperature.

Profile Light: What shall you do its Cleaning & Maintenance?

Clean the product frequently, it can keep the output brightness and extend the product life

Warning:It must be power off before cleaning or maintenance of the light.

1. Product cleaning
A. Clean the output acrylic board and product body every 2 weeks, or smoke dust accumulation will weaken the brightness of the light.
B. Use soft cloth with water to clean, do not with organic solvents, such as ethyl alcohol
C. Clean the cool fan each month

2. Product maintenance
A. All screws mounted on the lamp must reliably tighten, check and replace the corroded screws.
B. Ensure fixed point for installation without any deformation
C. Check if the power cable is damaged and if the insulation layer is worn down.
D. To ensure good connection of the various parts of the circuit, and to avoid unnecessary accidents coursed by bad electrical connections,
the detailed inspection of the light must be made by the authorized electrical engineer every three months.

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