36×1W LED PAR CAN Remote Control


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PL041K 36×1W LED PAR Light K1 / K2(remote control)

XF-PL041K  K1/K2: LED PAR CAN With Remote Control

Power supply:AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption:43W

Light source:36×1W(R9, G9, B9, W9)LED lamps

Life Time:60000 hours

Beam angle:25°

Control panel:4 Digital LED display figures

Control mode:

K1: Sound activation, auto, master/slave, DMX-512

K2: Sound activation, auto, master/slave, DMX-512,  remote control

DMX channels:8CHS

Dimmer:0-100% with regulated constant color control


Working environment:up to 40°C

Protection rate:IP20


Dimension size:240×240×70mm

Packing size:240×80×230mm




Plastic LED PAR CAN: How to Clean & Maintain?

Clean the product frequently, it can keep the output brightness and extend the product life

Warning:It must be power off before cleaning or maintenance of the light.

  1. Product cleaning
    A. Clean the output acrylic board and product body every 2 weeks, or smoke dust accumulation will weaken the brightness of the light.
    B. Use a soft cloth with water to clean, do not with organic solvents, such as ethyl alcohol
    C. Clean the cool fan each month
  2. Product maintenance
    Product maintenance must consider the below terms.
    A. All screws mounted on the lamp must reliably tighten, check and replace the corroded screws.
    B. Ensure fixed point for installation without any deformation
    C. Check if the power cable is damaged and if the insulation layer is worn down.
    D. To ensure good connection of the various parts of the circuit, and to avoid unnecessary accidents coursed by bad electrical connections,
    the detailed inspection of the light must be made by the authorized electrical engineer every three months.

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