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Do you know why your Par can 56 bulb easily burned out?

Do you know why your Par can 56 bulbs easily burned out?

The fixtures of par light can provide the fill and wash needed to provide enough light for the cameras and your audience.

Par can have no lenses, which also contributes to the tin can look, they are rugged, efficient, and low maintenance.


1. The operator mistakenly made the signal and power lines wrong connected, after power on it’ll result in a string of lights burned.

2. When it rains did not do waterproofing work in advance, water comes into the head of the signal, the signal will string lights burned.

3. Use of poor quality or not optically isolated amplifier technology leakage, so that light signal into the strong electric, the light bulb will burn.

4. If the system installs in appalling conditions, power lines and signal lines are not implemented good isolation,

the situation will cause interference signals, random lamps will not work properly.

Therefore, the use of Par can 56 processes to do certain defensive measures to prevent the emergence of some of these situations.

Par can 56Par can 56

Par can LB(Black) /LP(White)

Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz              Power consumption: 1000W

Light source: 1000W x 1                              Dimension: 225×225×465 mm

Packing size: 705×365×200mm(6PCS/CTN)

N.W: 1.6kg                                                    G.W: 2.2kg

9.5kg(6PCS/CTN)                                      13kg(6PCS/CTN)

Par can 56

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