Led Stage Spotlight

Led Spotlight: what are the similarities and differences between follow spotlight and profile spotlight?

Led Spotlight, can be classified into Follow Spotlight and Profile Spotlight.

Led Spotlight

Led Spotlight: what are the similarities and differences between profile spotlight and follow spotlight?

Now we will talk something about their similarities and differences.

Profile Spotlight is casting aluminum housing, it’s small size and light weight, good consistency and no leak.
The exterior is exquisite, spray the two kinds of black, silver or white.
Use highly efficient HPL575 or 750W halogen bulbs;

The light bulb position will achieve through three-point adjustment, high precision,
Adopt high purity non-spherical glass lens, cooperate with aluminum cup or cold film glass reflecting bowl,
the spot is even.

Commonly used for the stage object, the character to make a close-up lighting use!
The stage image lamp adopts the latest shape design, the aluminum alloy case, the weight is light,
its installation is very convenient.

Follow Spotlights are usually made on a remote irradiation stage where there is a need for specific local objects or tasks,
resulting in a circular flare.
It has many kinds of power such as 330W, 1200W, 2500W, 4000W etc.

The general is to use manual control, can frequency flash, change color, spot size and so on.

Nowadays, foreign countries now have no need for manual control, just put a receiver on the actor and go wherever you go.
It’s very advanced!

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