How to use the best of your Led Motor-show Light?

How to use the best of your Led Motor-show Light?

For better exhibition effect and spotlight the car main features(wonderful various color, humanization design, perfect housing line, comfortable trial etc) in the crowd, most of the hosts and sellers will choose high-quality lighting equipment.


At this time, only led motor-show car can complete this special mission to strengthen the scene atmosphere under the amazing light and hot music and beautiful car models.

Please do not just let the perfect and high function lighting equipment and beautiful car models be a scenery, they shall be the key role on this show to make everyone here has an excellent version enjoyment.

Here below is our XuanFeng hot sell item CP102 31x10W CREE WHITE Led Motor-show Light


What are the features of Led Motor-show Light?

Its projection distance can up to 7 meters,  illuminance can up to 12089LUX, spot diameter is 2 meters;

It adopts high-quality America Cree White led with stable functions and can work for more than 60000 hours;

The light source can use for hundred hours than traditional lamps, meet the need for low investment and high return;

Going green and environmental protection, without any harm to eyes and skin;

With excellent color rendering and stable light source.


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