How much you know about STAGE LIGHTING


Stage lighting, also called “stage illumination”, known as “light”. It is one of the means of stage art modeling.

By using stage lighting equipment (such as lighting fixtures, slide projector, control system, etc.) and technical means, and with the development of the plot to light color and its changes show the environment, rendering the atmosphere, highlight the central person, creating a sense of space, sense of time Stage performance of the external image and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, cloud, water, lightning).

In the same way, stage lighting is an important part of the performance space.


The Function and Effect of STAGE LIGHTING

Clearer the stage picture.

Enhance the effect of stage performance

The role of stage lighting in the modern stage performance:

Lighting performances, so that the audience can see the actors and scenes of the image clearly;

Guide the audience line of sight;

Shape the characters, contrast emotions and show the stage hallucinations;

Create the stage space environment ;

Rendering the atmosphere;

Display, empty conversion, highlight the conflict of drama and strengthen the stage rhythm, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes coordinate with the stage stunt.

Stage lighting type XuanFeng produced:

Stage Effect Light: For instance, LED Cyclorama; Ring Strobe Light; Motor-Show Light; Follow Spot;

Studio Light: LED Profile Spotlight; Panel Light;  Blinder Light, for example;

Par Light: Such as Multifunctional LED Par Light; Par Light Zoom; as well as Par Light with Remote Control;

Waterproof Light: For example LED Single Wash Light; Double Wash Light; Waterproof Par Light; Linear Waterproof Light; so as Wall Washer, etc., .

guangzhou xuanfeng led PL549M 54×3W LED PAR Light  

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