LED Waterproof Light: the most important test standard is IP65 protection rating

LED Waterproof Light: the most important test standard is IP65 protection rating

Ingress Protection is the short name of IP65 for LED Waterproof Light (IP65: dust tight, spray water)

IP65 is a standard to test if the product meets the Waterproof and Dustproof requirements for Waterproof Light or not.

LED Waterproof Light     LED Waterproof Light


  • Firstly, make sure your LED Waterproof Light had been well fixed then ready the water faucet testing line;
  • Secondly, put the LED Waterproof Light need to be tested on to the testing line then open the water faucet, now the lighting needs to be spread water last for 12h at least;
  • Finally, connect the lighting power after 12h water testing if they work proper functioning then they match the IP65 standard.

It usual has 18pcs 10W, 24pcs 10W, 2*24pcs 10W, 36pcs 3W, 54pcs 3W, 96pcs 3W, 2*96pcs 3W RGBW/ AW or RGBW 4 IN 1, 5 IN 1 etc light source.

IP for LED Waterproof Light is the code of protection rating of electrical equipment cover

“I “mean the rate of protecting Solid foreign body access, the highest level is 6; “P” means the rate of protecting water access, the highest level is 8.


  • High illuminating efficiency+Stable function;
  • With 3 ways temperature control testing and protection function;
  • 16bit PWM dimming, 1-20Hz electronic flash, with auto, slave, DMX stand/alone

It widely used in indoor, outdoor (theater, studio, arts performing, auditorium lecture hall, gymnasium and the other large and medium-sized performing places.)

And it always has high-intensity casting aluminum alloy, heat elimination by the housing etc features

So now you must know more clearly about the IP65 meaning for LED Waterproof Light than before, right?

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