LED Stage Light

Foot light: Use strip lamp or other lamps and lanterns as special effects light projection

Foot light projects from the platen up to the actor’s face or the lower part of the curtain after the closing of the lighting
can make up for the surface of the steep, to eliminate the shadow of the nose, but also according to the plot needs for the actors to

for the actors to enhance the art of casting light, make up the top light, side light back.

Foot light

The end of the curtain to the bottom of the curtain can also use to change the color of the screen color;

dance can use to illuminate the actors lower body clothing and foot to enhance the effect
The use of spherical, parabolic or ellipsoidal reflector of the row of lamps uniform lighting.

Its power is 60-100W or 200W.

Foot light


The light source is lower than the human head, illuminated by the light up and down the characters.

In front of the characters said front foot light, projection up, and the top light as the same shape effect.

In the film and television photography, often use to show the screen in a specific light source effects: such as oil lamp,

lamp, bonfire effect. Sometimes used to characterize a person with a special emotional image or vilify the character image.

Foot light: Here below we will show two hit Footlights from Guangzhou XuanFeng Lighting Co., Ltd

1.Led Cyclorama

The High-power astigmatic lamp is used for the stage surface, the lower part of the canopy is irradiated, and the light connected with the light of the sky.

Foot light

Background and Wall Washing Effect LED Cyclorama

Professional Stage lighting suppiler

LED Cyclorama from Guangzhou XuanFeng Lighting Co., Ltd

2.Led Wall Wash Liner

As the name suggests, so that the same light as the water washed the wall, mainly use for building decorative lighting purposes,

using to outline the outline of large buildings!

As LED has energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors, long life and other characteristics, thus Get widely used!


Foot light

Footlight for background wall washing at Guangzhou Xuan Feng

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