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Why should I choose XuanFeng over the other brands?

XuanFeng is an experienced and professional manufacturer of stage lighting more than 5 years. We not only hold a professional technology & production team, but also have a lot of stable material suppliers to ensure our materials quality and delivery date. Anyway, we offer 12-18 months warranty and long-term after-sale service. What’s more, we now in addition to guarantee the stability of the material and cut costs, and for enhancing the market competitiveness. We strive for excellence in all, we offer while ensuring competitive prices and customer care that are second to none.

Please contact us freely by email or call us directly or visit us on social media such as website, facebook as well as others.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

How does XuanFeng stand behind its products?

In addition to its commitment to quality fixtures, XuanFeng offers award-winning customer care. Our employees are educated about all of our fine products and will offer you sound advice for all your lighting needs. Please visit our contact us page for information on how to get in touch with us.

Profile Light and (COB)LED Profile Spot Light—How are they different?

For example our CP060, this is a regular profile light with traditional light source, can match 575W Chinese lamp or 750W Philips Lamp; And CP060K is a new model with COB and LED effect, it has more functions for the stage using, can match warm white or cool white or COB led.

Do Multifunctional LED PAR Light and regular LED PAR Light always have the same functions?

Multifunctional LED PAR Light differs to the regular LED PAR Light mainly because it has quickly closed the light mode & fan control.

【Quickly closed the light mode】

When entered the “FADE” MANUAL, long press “ENTER”  key about 1 second, then has quickly closed the light mode, press “UP” or “DOWN” key to select “YES” to open this mode. “NO” is close this mode.

【Fan control】

When uses for meetings, it generally keeps warm white only, fan closes, cools by itself, no noise;

When uses for show and entertainment, it generally opens RGB or RGBWA all colors, fan will automatic start, to strengthen the heat dissipation;

If all LED closed the standby, fan will close and no noise.

More detail welcome to visit our product page to read more.

What are the basic elements and functions of stage lighting?

illumination, luminous flux, color temperature, CIR and Channel;

illumination, to lead the audience’s vision, to scene modeling, to strengthen the space environment, to build atmosphere, to  strengthen the effect of stage performance, to outstanding drama conflict and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, rich artistic appeal.

What is the best way to install my new lightings?

There are installation instructions included in every lighting package box. If you are at all unclear with the instructions we recommend you contact your technician for a referral to a licensed contractor or electrician.

How should I prepare when shopping for lighting?

First, know your budget. Second, if possible, look for pictures from website or other ways that reflect your taste. Third, collect data or advices from your clients to re-confirm if they’re what you need.

How do I clean & maintain my light?

Warning: It must be power off before cleaning or maintenance of the light.

  1. Clean the product frequently, it can keep the output brightness and extend the product life
  2. Product cleaning
  3. Clean the output acrylic board and product body every 2 weeks, or smoke dust accumulation will weaken the brightness of the light.
  4. Use soft cloth with water to clean , do not with organic solvent ,such as ethyl alcohol
  5. Clean the cool fan each month

Why do XuanFeng has two website?

XuanFeng has two website, one is xuanfengled.cn for domestic business using, another is xuanfengled.com only for foreign trade business & promotion.

Where can I get an instruction sheet?

Every XuanFeng product has an instruction sheet available for download on its product page or contact us.

How do I purchase a replacement lamp/barn door or extra parts?

You can purchase any of these items from a dealer in your area. To find a dealer in your area click on Where to Buy. If you are unable or inconvenient to order the parts from a dealer in your area, please contact us.

What is the warranty on XuanFeng Lightings?

XuanFeng Lighting warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) years from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. For further warranty details, visit our warranty information page.

Can I make a sample order and any M O Q limit?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable as well. And our M O Q generally is not less than 50 pieces, but if you need, we can also offer 10pcs as a trial order.

How to proceed the order if I have a logo to print?

Firstly, please offer us your detail requirements included logo etc. by pdf or word file after confirming the order. Then we will make a special silk print block with your own logo information so that we can silk print it onto your finished products(like its back side or handle place) for visual confirmation. What’s more, we will take photos after silk printed some of them during production for your double confirmation. Finally if all these are okay, we will go to mass production and before delivery.