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Entertainment Stage Lighting:

Night club:

Make a general reference to all kinds of night life entertainment places.

The nature and the definition of the night clubs in the world are different from each others, but they mainly relate to dance, and the customers are adults and able to drink.

In some districts, there are dancing floor, band or DJ, to provide song and dance performance. Some night clubs would arrange gathering party, team activity and other kinds meeting.

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Night club entertainment stage lighting


Also name disco dance hall. Give priority to dance. It’s biggest difference from KTV is: disco is for disco dancing, while KTV is for singing.

Now with the development of entertainment industry, more and more KTV combine with the disco function, and provide some wild music for the customers in the KTV room. In the meantime, disco dance hall is also in diversified development.

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Disco entertainment stage lighting


Also called pub, tavern, referring to those places that provide alcohol drinks, including beer, wine, foreign wine, cocktail, and so on.

Bar mainly means the amusement and relaxation place. They would offer the spot band or singer, professional dancing team, and dancing girl performance. In some high-ranking bars, there would splendid fancy mixed drinks performed by bartender mixer.

There are different types and style of the bars. Some are low-end “Dive Bar”, and some are elegant entertainment place providing for social elite.

Pub and tavern mainly means the British drinks bars.

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Bar entertainment stage lighting

Soft rock bar:

It is a brand new idea of bars, which effectively combine trend music with bar culture together.
Features of soft rock bar:
It is not same as quiet music bar, because it has crystal clear characteristic.
Not the enthusiastic disco square, because of its relatively relax rhythm.
And not even deductive bar, on account of its ambiguity emotional appeal and club style communication mode.
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Soft rock bar entertainment stage lighting

Current situation of soft rock bar:

It can be roughly divided into 3kinds.

The first one is classical soft rock bar. The whole bar is mixed with the music, and the customers can dance around their seats.

The second one is equipped with small dance floor, performance, as well as dancing leader. The consumer can drink and enjoy the performance at the same time. Also, they can take part in all activities at any moment.

In the third one they set the seats and the dancing hall separately. The clients can dance at any time, or just silently making friends, drink, and chatting.

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Music style of soft rock bar:

The music of soft rock is diversified, stylized, and have a strong randomness. It would give the listener an imagine space at the tune gap, and lay emphasis on the scene atmosphere. Center on HIP-HOP, HOUSE, and R&B, also with YAKITOUI DISCO. The soul of soft rock is SPOT DJ. The most attractive music style is play cat and mouse style. The atmosphere is totally controlled and created by the DJ. (The general idea of the atmosphere is: Push the listener to the upsurge, but pull them in low ebb in sudden, and afterwards push them to continue.

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Development of soft rock bar:

From the end of last century to the beginning of this century, those white-collar worker in the developed inland areas, do not like the too bustle disco club. But at the mean time, the too peace and quiet traditional pub can not let off their work repression bravely. So the astute operator change their business pattern. Whereupon, the soft rock bar rise in response to the proper time between disco club and traditional bar. Furthermore, it grows rapidly all over the country, and now it becomes one of the most fashionable entertainment method.

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