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City Lighting of Guangzhou Tower: Amazing effect created by Lighting!

City Lighting of Guangzhou Tower: Amazing effect created by Lighting!

City Lighting

Guangzhou Tower also is known as the Guangzhou New TV Tower and the Canton Tower,

in Chinese called Guǎngzhōu tǎ (also called Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower).

The small pretty waist is located in the Guangzhou Tianhe (islands)

red post near the tower, elevation 600 meters, with distance is 125 meters on the southern bank of the pearl river,

and the sea heart sand island and the pearl river new town on the other side of the river.

It was topped-out in 2009 and became operational on September 29, 2010, for the 2010 Asian Games.


Guangzhou tower is a similar kind of tower of Shenzhen-Hong Kong tower,

which has broadcast television, cultural entertainment and city window functions.

After the project was completed, Guangzhou tower became the new landmark of the Yangcheng(Guangzhou City).

As one of “Guangzhou new Eight sights”, Guangzhou Tower is shouldering the Guangzhou 2000 years of history culture inheritance,

proclaim on the track of the development of the international metropolis of Guangzhou historical mission,

become the landmark of the city to become the most attention of visitors traveling scenic area in Guangzhou.


As a landmark of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou tower night view lighting system had made a local renovation for the first time in 2015,

adding LED light beads to improve the performance of night lighting system. CurrentlGuangzhouhou new TV tower construction co., LTD.

The whole tower installed on 6696 sets of 55 watts LED lamps and lanterns, 44 sets of 300 watts LED cast light lamps and lanterns,

can not only make the whole waist can change the infinite color collocation, more make the building facade draws

around 5 watts of power per square meter, power consumption is only about a third of the national standard.

City Lighting City Lighting City Lighting

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