COB Blinder Light 4 shall be no flash, the refresh rate of 20500Hz.

The use of a stable constant current drive and power, it suitable for video recording illumination transition balance,

no streak, no visible relative dark area. It can do waterproof, IP20, Warm White or Cool White or RGB, its fan heat naturally.

The light adopts the latest shape design, the aluminum alloy case, the weight is light, its installation is very convenient.

COB Blinder Light 4 commonly used for the stage object, the character to make a close-up lighting use!


  1. COB Blinder Light 4 can free with any combination, the formation of a variety of LED lamps, easy assembly.
  2.  It’s high reliability, no dead lights, no patches.
  3. Third, it’s light uniform, soft light, no glare, do not hurt the eyes.
  4. Fourth, high color rendering index, high luminous efficiency.
  5. Fifth,  in the normal current, the minimum attenuation, control less than 3% in 1000H.

Besides, it’s safe and reliable, all under the work of 50V, for the application of the certification made a full consideration.
What’s more, the most important thing is it’s very green and no pollution, matching nowadays trend of market development.


Control panel:LCD display+ 4 soft keys

Controls mode:Sound, Master/Slave, Auto, DMX512

DMX channels:4 / 8CHS

Dimension size:370×370×170mm

Packing size:420x420x300mm



It always uses as the face light and widely used in the multi-purpose hall, LED bulb, LED lamp cup, LED spotlights, LED downlight, LED ceiling light, LED bean gall lamp products.

Cleaning & Maintaining

Clean the product frequently, it can keep the output brightness and extend the product life.

Warning:It must be power off before cleaning or maintenance of the light.

1. Product cleaning
A. Clean the output acrylic board and product body every 2 weeks, or smoke dust accumulation will weaken the brightness of the light.
B. Use the soft cloth with water to clean, do not with organic solvents, such as ethyl alcohol
C. Clean the cool fan each month

2. Product maintenance
Product maintenance must consider the below terms.
A. All screws mounted on the lamp must reliably tighten, check and replace the corroded screws.
B. Ensure fixed point for installation without any deformation
C. Check if the power cable is damaged and if the insulation layer is worn down.
D. To ensure a good connection between the various parts of the circuit, and to avoid unnecessary accidents coursed by bad electrical connections.
The detailed inspection of the light must be made by the authorized electrical engineer every three months.

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