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Architectural Lighting also named as Outdoor lighting, which is roughly divided into three categories.

Industrial transportation site lighting includes lighting at terminals, railway stations, freight yards,

loading and unloading stations, airports, warehouse areas, public works, and construction sites to ensure

safe and effective work at night.

Industrial transport venues requiring installation lighting equipment can be divided into two types in terms of light distribution:

One is a site that requires a good level (face) illumination. The main installation is a chandelier with good lighting function.

The principle of installation requires the installation principle of horizontal (facet) illuminance for site lighting devices.

The other is a site requiring higher vertical (facet) illuminance. Floodlights (see Lighting Fixtures) can install

on pillars or towers with large distances. The installation principle requires vertical (facet) illuminance of site lighting devices.

Installation principle.

Architectural Lighting is more and more popular in our lives, not only for its variety and perfect effect but also its high performance.

Sports ground lighting mainly refers to various sports venues, such as football fields, tennis courts, shooting ranges,

golf courses and another lighting. When selecting a lighting device, a specific analysis of the visual requirements of various sports,

such as a shooting range, requires high illumination of the shooting target; at the same time, in order to ensure safety,

general soft lighting is required between the launch site and the target. In large stadiums, there is a large distance between

the audience and the athletes, which requires higher illumination.

Although there are not many spectators on the tennis courts, because of the fast speed of tennis in the game, the illuminance is also high.

In addition, the selected lighting equipment does not produce distracting strobe effects.

Stadiums with stands around them generally use four towers to install lighting equipment.

This method avoids glare but costs more. Smaller stadiums generally use lower cost sidelights,

and eight 12 to 20-meter lighthouses can install along the sides of the site.

Metal halide lamps use for lighting sources in sports venues.

Outdoor lighting for other buildings includes gas stations, sales venues, billboards,

office building lighting, and exterior lighting for factory buildings (see Architectural Night Lighting).

Outdoor street lighting system Outdoor street lighting for general cities, campuses, residential communities, large factories, mines, production and living areas.

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