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2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival has officially launched, a grand party in this past weekend,

during 8th to 9th Dec in the China resources Shenzhen bay sports center “spring cocoon” stadium, which has formally kicked off, this is all lone rangers last hurrah.

There were no longer formalizes for this activity, with more new ideas “strawberry field” open different sensory experience,

all of the details have redefined, Shenzhen Strawberry Music Festival, looking forward to next time, goodbye!

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

Strawberry Music Festival is another music festival brand founded by music brand modern sky after “modern sky music festival”. Comparing with “modern sky”, “strawberry” has a more romantic flavor of spring.

Since its establishment, Strawberry Music Festival has created a number of records in music festival fields in China.

2018 is the tenth year of the Strawberry Music Festival. This year’s festival has revised to bring us unprecedented experience. This festival has injected young blood, and 74 groups of musicians and 43 groups of art products have selected for 13 strawberry music festivals nationwide.

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

In fact, each a lying motionless strawberry are waiting for the signal to music, strawberry star people have rushed to the area,

they have the soul of the delicious, sweet and juicy, came to the music festival you belong to strawberry star,

diverse music here hint at a variety of possibility of life, feeling of electronic music and science and technology,

to make the life and the music.

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

Here you can be in close contact with musicians, with rock music passion collision, polite chat up, carefully observe,

sincere love, respect for the old gun, love the new, dating, hooking up with girls, strange clothes, forced comparison, selfie or selfie…

Here you can be whatever you want to be.

2018 Shenzhen Super Strawberry Music Festival

Music comes with Stage, at the same time lighting creates a very important and necessary function for wonderful performance.

  1. 18*10W RGBW 4 in 1 LED Wall Linear Light, each led can be controlled one by one independently
  2. LED PAR Light, RGBW, 3 in 1, 4 in 1 and RGBW as optional.
  3. LED Waterproof Flood Light
  4. 17R Follow Spotlight
  5. Moving Head Beam, Wash, Spot 3 in 1

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