Noiseless LED Products - Indoor usage, Studio Lighting, Wash Stage Light

Noiseless LED Products – Indoor usage

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No fan, LED PAR 54PCS 3W RGBW, a Private mold made and used by XF Prolight only.

Smooth and perfect linearly dimming.

New Silent 54pcs × 3W RGBW LED PAR LIGHT


200W Panel Softlight, 448pcs SMD5050 WW+CW LED, 3200K-5600K/6500K

No fan, private mold,  has 100W vertion as optional, we have sold this 200W and 100W Panel over 800set in last year.

It’s widely used in conference room, theater, studio and etc. occasions for the top and side soft light washing performances.

200W Panel Softlight 448pcs SMD5730

No. 3

LED Cyclorama, 36pcs 3W RGBA, RGBW, Single color as optional.

No fan, 16bit dimming, evenly background wall washing.

36pcs x 3W RGBA LED Cyclorama

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